Noble of Blood ™

Blood Price ™ is the first book of the Noble of Blood Series. Please keep tuned in for news on this book's release, as well as the progress on the next two books to follow; Blood Ties ™ and Blood War ™.

Noble News

Here's what's new with the Noble Series!


Book and author listing on!


Now listed on! Blood Price (Noble of Blood Book 1) Click to read a fresh new book description, from the vision of the author.



Check out my page on Self Publisher's Showcase!

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Preview Now Available

There is a first chapter preview now available for free to the public.  Click here to read it.



You can now find the first book of the Noble of Blood series on Kindle!   CLICK HERE!


It's Here!  Almost..

And almost a year later, it's been released into the wild. Those of you who know me, know that I dealt with a serious personal setback last year and was unable to do much creatively until recently. I felt it was time to dive in and see what happens! In about 24 hours both the print and Kindle version of Blood Price will be available


Cover Artist!

Totally excited to announce that we've started on the cover art.  Well I should say Lee has started on it.  Lee Diaz of Peoria, AZ has taken the idea from me today and I am so excited with his vision of my ideas!  He is a brilliant artist who has done artwork for some pretty famous people.  I'm so glad to have him onboard!  You can check him out on his Facebook Page at Lee Diaz.


Half the Map

I finished up half of the world where the stories take place.  The Map of The Southern Reaches can be found at The World tab.  I will get the other half up soon!

ADD:  Ok there's the other half!  Don't know what you are looking at?  That's okay, you can satisfy your curiousity once the book(s) are published.


Getting Close!

It's almost time to publish!  I'm terribly excited, and terribly nervous at the same time.  It feels like I'm rushing into it, but yet it has been a long time coming.  The first book has been in production since June of last year.  But now we are down to the very last things on the list, and next weekend I am meeting with an artist friend to talk Cover Art.  

In the meantime I am working on a map of the land where the story happens.  I'll let you all know when that gets posted!