Noble of Blood ™

Blood Price ™ is the first book of the Noble of Blood Series. Please keep tuned in for news on this book's release, as well as the progress on the next two books to follow; Blood Ties ™ and Blood War ™.

The Books

There are currently 3 books planned for the Noble of Blood Series.  They will available on first as they are finished.

Blood Price

Amazon ISBN 1494362244

We take you back in time to an immortal race of creatures and the history of an Ancient War that threatens to return.  The currently peaceful Noble race is faced with a looming threat that promises to bring destruction to the lands.  While the Patriarch of the Nobles prepares for war, his son the Prince is distracted from his duties to the realm by a human who he once believed was not important.  The Patriarch soon finds out though, that this woman may hold the key to their salvation.  But will they find out in time?  Or will they end up paying the ultimate Blood Price?

Blood Ties 

Book is in progress, name may change.

Follow the Noble Prince and The Patriarch as they prepare the humans around them for the impending war.

Blood War

3rd book of the series, stay tuned for details.